Top Picture Framing Tips

Putting a picture in a frame is not as easy as you may think. It is an art that requires high-level skills and techniques to ensure that your picture looks great. Whether you are putting your digital or paper photos on a frame, there are certain things you need to know to make sure they look perfect. It is good to frame the photo in a way that also complements its composition without looking overwhelmed. Here are some of the top picture framing tips you should follow.

Ensure the frame and mat style match well with the photo

As you begin the picture framing process, it is worth considering that your image composition will increase to include the mat and frame. This goes a long way in enhancing or radically transforming the mood evoked by your photos. It is advisable you select a frame and mat matching your image style. This is more important if you have composed a picture trying to capture a specific era or look. Typically, all the textures should fit a similar theme as the picture. If you have simple picture compositions, you need a simple frame. If you have a white and black photo, you need a think silver frame.

Select complementary colours

As you plan your picture framing project, it is worth noting the most dominating colours in your picture. With the right colour, you can be sure that your photo will pop and look great. The simple rule here is to make sure that that the frame colour matches the image. If your picture has cool colours, then it means that you need to use a cool coloured picture frame. On the other hand, if you have pictures of warm colours, you should also opt for a warm frame.

The width of the frame should be proportional to the picture

The size of your Dimonds Gallery picture and the frame width should be balanced. If you have a larger picture, it means that the frame should also be wide. For digital photos, you will need to check at pixels and not inches. If you choose a wide frame than expected, it means that your picture will have extra weight. For an average or small-sized picture, a lightweight or thin frame will bring more elegance. They help bring more attention to the picture.

Using several frames

During the picture framing process, you should also take into consideration using several frames. This helps add more drama to your picture. Digital frames make the layering process easy. Another interesting way to frame a photo is stacking frames. To succeed in this, make sure you select frames of distinct textures and widths.

Consider your taste and preferences

As you do the picture framing, you should never compromise your tastes and preferences. Note that the picture is yours, so you know how you would like it to look. Therefore, go for your specific choices and make the picture depict your lifestyle. Take your time, experiment and if you find the results are worth, then do it your way.